Money Plant Wrinkled Leaves: Reasons And What Can We Do For This?

Money Plant Wrinkled Leaves

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One of the Braided Money Tree’s most endearing features is its lovely, fan-shaped foliage. Thigoodte houseplant is famed for Trawick and abundant foliage development, but despite its best efforts, it occasionally develops leaves with an unfavorable, wrinkled appearance. Don’t worry—this can be resolved! Continue reading to discover the cause of your plant‘s wrinkling leaves and the most straightforward fixes for maintaining smooth, healthy foliage.


Although it may seem obvious, underwatering is a common reason why Braided Money Trees’ leaves wrinkle and curl. When the topsoil of your plant seems dry to the touch, water it immediately.

Chinese Money Plant Wrinkled Leaves

Every week, dig your finger two inches into the earth by removing a small amount of the ornamental moss. Water away if those two inches are dry! The increased moisture will permeate the entire plant, revitalizing wilted foliage and stimulating the growth of new leaves on your Braided Money Tree.

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Remember that you might need to water your lawn more frequently in the summer and less frequently in the fall and winter. Plants use the water they receive faster when the air is warmer and dryer.

Environmental Dryness

Dry conditions lead to your plant’s demand for moisture to evaporate (from the soil and leaves) and be consumed by the plant (as it develops, photosynthesizes, and maintains its green form) more quickly.

Chinese Money Plant Wrinkled Leaves

Ideas many indoor plants, braided money trees, benefit from misting because they are native to damp climes. During the drier seasons of the year, if you moisturize your plant, you will appreciate the same procedure! Mist yours frequently (a few times per week is good), and add some Potion Magique to the water for an extra boost in nutrients. Both your plant and you will adore its perfume.

Overwhelming Light

Braided Cash There is no denying that trees enjoy the light. But they require soft, indirect lighting in particular. Therefore, if your plant is exposed to direct sunlight, this in sunburned foliage and wrinkling, papery leaves.

Chinese Money Plant Wrinkled Leaves

Thcriticalnt resource is sunlight. Porthos is very sensitive to sunlight. It can be good and evil both to this plant. Make sure your plant is not directly exposed to a window’s bright light, and shift it if required.

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Choosing the place for a money plant is essential. You should keep the money plant in a place where the sunlight is coming directly to the leaves. Please remove the leaves which are burned up. It will help it is growing faster and will not cause wrinkles.

Adding Fertilizer

When you add water, I do not recommend adding water to it because when you add water, it will attract fungus to attract the plant.

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What you can do is that you do not add fertilizer and change the water frequently. It is the same as when you wash your face. It will keep the plant healthy and wrinkle-free. Take care of your plant…

People Also Want To Know

Why Are My Jade Plant’s Leaves Shriveling Up?

Your jade plant succulent is severely parched and is pleading with you for water. Your jade plant succulent leaves are withered and wrinkled because of this. Like most succulents, their leaves will begin to wrinkle or dry up when they don’t get enough water. It requires water. It requires water.

Why is the Trunk of My Money Tree Wrinkled?

Dehydration occurs when a money tree is continuously kept too dry for an extended period. The braided trunk starts to wilt stem by stem, and the bark flakes off. In essence, the plant’s remaining parts are being helped to survive by the water once contained inside the trunk.

How Can a Jade Plant Be Revived?

The leaves of your jade plant will wither if it isn’t receiving enough water, but they immediately rehydrate when you water it. In the winter, simply watering the plant twice or three times is preferable to completely submerging the container in water.

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