Ways To Fix Leaves Curling On Your Pilea (Chinese Money Plant)

Leaves Curling Chinese Money Plant

Hi there, thank you for tuning in today. The Chinese money plant or paella pepperonis are very popular worldwide since they are unique and beautiful. Today we will talk about curling leaves on paleo pepperonis and how it affects them.

Lovely round green leaves on giant stalks give the Chinese money plant a different identity. However, one of the things that people complain about this is that the leaves do not stay curl.

It seems like a small problem, but it is a big one. In Many people’s opinion, there is a lot of confusion regarding this topic, and they do not know what to do. A small thing can be a problem if you do not know about it. In this way, these curlings can also be a problem.

The most confusing and conflicting topic is why these paleo pepperonis get curled without reason. With the help of our research and experience, we will try our best to tell you how these plants get curled leaves and how we can fix this.

Generally, most paleo pepperonis leaves are healthy and flat, but they have a few curled leaves. Significantly at the top.

Patterns of curling can tell a lot about what is happening. A possibility is that the leaves may be curling upwards, giving it the shape of a triangle edged upwards.

Another possibility is that the curl is going downwards so that it looks like a shape of a triangle going downwards.

Here Are The Possible Ways To Fix Leaves Curling: Chinese Money Plant


So we should first find a possible reason for curling. It can be more than one, so I will tell most of the obvious reasons why they are curling. We will start with the most apparent reason that is not a problem is that it is getting new leaves.

Leaves Curling Chinese Money Plant

So when the new leaves emerge, sometimes the leaves of the plants start curling. They will grow in some weeks, and then in some weeks, they will be flattened. If you want to know about this, take your plant, and you will see it; if your leaves are curling at the top of the plant and it is the new delicate light grain emerging, it is nothing to worry about.


The second reason is the lighting; according to gardeningcrow.com, you use too much lighting or shallow lighting. The indication for showing that you are using low light is that the leaves curl downwards and form a dome-like shape. It means that they want to attract as much light as possible. Use standard lighting do not overuse lighting. Feel the plant; if you think it is overlighted, shift it to more relaxed or low light.


Watering mainly seems like a reason for leaves curling. Again if the leaves curl outwards, it means that it has received an excessive amount of water, or if the leaves generally start getting yellow, it also means that it is getting over watering.

Leaves Curling Chinese Money Plant

Some flooding articles on the internet show how much water your plant needs. However, we will suggest you always know before watering your plants that do they need water? If they need water, the soil will be flat and dry.


Temperature: Most people suggest that this plant needs 60 – 65 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but this plant generally needs 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. A cooler temperature will be okay.

People Want To Know

How is a Chinese Money Plant Straightened?

You must grow the core stem under overhead light for it to grow taller and prevent it from leaning over or becoming twisted. If it isn’t possible, rotate the pot of your plant by one-fourth (1/4) every few days. It indicates that after each month, your entire plant should have completed a full rotation.

Why Are The Folds In My Pilea?

It can be challenging to pinpoint the issue immediately because there are many potential causes for leaf curling, including excessive light, excess water, poor drainage, root rot, and even pest invasion!

What Does a Pilea Look Like When It is Overwatered?

Discoloration and drooping leaves on Pileas are the most typical symptoms of overwatering. When piles receive too much water, their deep green color is lost, and instead, their leaves begin to fade from pale green to yellow before eventually falling off and dying.

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