Colored Brick Pot


This is a guest post by the wonderful Sara Ramey of One Green Earth Nursery, another awesome nursery on Main Street, USA.

Plant a vegetable garden in a large pot and transfer it to a much smaller container to maximize space. This is the BEST option for space-challenged gardeners. You only need to select the appropriate pot to maximize space. The pot has an effect on the garden if you choose an ornamental pot or nothing at all.

container garden

You will do yourself and your children a favor if you decide to use an ornamental pot. You can choose a colorful pot, which will really add a nice touch to your garden. When you are done planting, you can discard the pot, unless you have children who may enjoy the pots as decorations.

The plain pot is fine for your plants, but this is the usual place for any seeds you might have, which can be harvested and stored for later use.

Make the most of your available space with an Ornamental Pot

The biggest problem with the plain pot is that it might get stolen. I wonder why people steal anything, when they can get what they want at Wal-Mart? Not only that, but there is a good chance that your plain pot will get stolen anyway, you just can’t take the plant out for it. The ornament pot solves this problem, because it adds another attraction in the space, as well as having the ability to take plants out for harvesting.

The is an ornamental pot, or just pot, made of colored bricks or terra cotta, to make the pot seem like it came from a fantasy land. I was watching a documentary on the benefits of this pot for African Americans when they were discussing the use of pots and containers by the Africans. The African American women were very reluctant to use colored bricks as pots. They only did so if the pot was made of real wood. So, one may take advantage of the African American women’s hesitation.


This does not mean that the ornament pot is for black women only, rather it means that in order for the pot to be used by African Americans, it needs to look like a real pot made of wood. The ornament pot is made to look like a pot made of bricks or terra cotta. This way, if your African American, you can use the ornament pot.

The ornamental pot is available in all sizes. So, you can choose the size and color that fits your desires, where you live, and where you work. So, you can have the pots in all rooms of your house, or just in the living room. You can have the ornamental pot in the master bedroom or the servant quarters. All you have to do is pick up the color and size that best suits you.

This is also ideal for people who like to decorate their home with plants. As long as the plants are of the plant type that can thrive in the pot. There is a great selection of plants to choose from. Choose a plant that has enough space to grow. And choose a plant that blooms regularly and does not produce flowers sporadically. As long as the plant blooms regularly, there is a good chance that it will flourish and flourish in the pot. And, if the plants have not yet started flowering, then the best selection is those that will bloom once a year.

The African American people have a unique set of cultural traditions. However, the ornament pot, is an African American tradition. This pot can be a great conversation starter, whether you have African American friends or not. Also, the African American people will definitely appreciate the fact that you are respecting their culture and tradition.